The DementedFX western Massachusetts indoor Haunted House will announce dates in early September 2016.

Tickets are available for purchase online and at the Haunted House. We accept all major credit cards and cash. You may purchase tickets for same day shows either online or at the ticket counter. 

Tickets purchased online can be used any evening that we are open. The last night of the season is October 31st.  

**Large groups will divide into groups of six to travel through the haunted house to maximize scares and your enjoyment.
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530 Main Street
Holyoke, MA 01040

Hours for 2016 to be announced in September











Q. How much is admission?

$20 for General Admission
$18 Group Discount for online purchase of more than 10+ at a time**

**Important note: Even though you may purchase multiple tickets at a discount, large groups will divide into groups of six to travel through the haunted house. To maximize scaring potential and your enjoyment it is important to keep the groups smaller. 


Q: Are there any discounts?

25% discount is available to active and inactive members of the military. Please present your military ID or VA card when you purchase.  Available at the ticket counter only. Thank you for your service!


Q. Does DementedFX accept credit cards? 

A. Yes, We accept all major credit cards.  We encourage you to purchase your tickets online.  


Q.  When are you opened?

A. Thursdays and Fridays from 6:30pm to the end of the line (11pm +)

Saturday and Sundays from 5:30 p.m. to the end of the line (11pm +).

++ until last body leaves our haunt! 

The last night of the season is October 31st. Tickets purchased online should be used before then. ;)


Q. Where can we park and how much is it?

A. Free parking is available.


Q. Is DementedFX wheelchair accessible?

A. Yes, we have designed our haunt to accommodate wheelchairs. 


Q. Is DementedFX opened in inclement weather? 

A. Yes, we are an indoor attraction.


Q. Does DementedFX have security?

A. Yes, we have several security officers and cameras in every room throughout the haunt.
We have zero tolerance for trouble. We want everyone to have a fun and safe time.


Q. Are there strobe lights? or fog machines?

A. Yes to both. 


Q. Are the monsters or characters allowed to touch us?

A. Absolutely not . . . and we ask that you not attempt to touch any of our monsters or characters.  
Your visit will be recorded for the safety of our staff and guests.


Q. Do you sell souvenirs?

A. We have a limited number of t-shirts and sweatshirts.


Q. Can we take pictures?

A. Photography of any sort is not allowed.


Q. Are there any other restrictions?

A. No smoking! No lighters! No food or beverages! No alcoholic beverages!  No pets! (not even lizards or snakes!) No laser pointers or flashlights! No Halloween costumes! No weapons!

- Please no drunken or disorderly conduct.

- Our rules are for your safety. You will be asked to leave if you choose to ignore our rules.  
Again, our cameras are on you at all times.


Q. Should we be concerned about injuries?

A. First and foremost, following rules will ensure a safe and memorable experience.

Please know, however, that your ticket is a license to enter at your own risk. All patrons assume all risk and danger incidental to DementedFX before, during or after the haunt experience. By entering DementedFX, you waive any injury or talent claims and accept these terms and conditions.


Q. Should we be concerned if we have any health conditions including pregnancy?

A. We are not imposing restrictions regarding your state of health; but we do ask that you please use your best judgment and refer to your doctor if you do have concerns.


Q. What about age restrictions?

A. Due to the nature and strong themes of our attractions, DementedFX is recommended for adults and teens. This show is not suitable for children. Admission of children under 13 is at the discretion of the parent(s).  As a parent, you know your child better than anyone else.  However, children pay the same ticket price as adults.  

Babies and toddlers are not permitted under any circumstances. 


Q. How long is it?

A.  The haunted house is a walking attraction that takes between 10 to 15 minutes depending on your pace.


Q. What if I decide I’m too scared to continue?

A. We have many clearly marked emergency exits for anyone needing to leave before the end.  


Q. Refunds?

A. There are no refunds.